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About Us

Corporate Information:

businessbands.com is owned by a privately held media company. We are one of the first vertical online yellow pages for business-to-business (B2B) commerce and advertising. Our member B2B directory has grown to include more than 30,000 listings representing a wide expanse of industry specific products, services and information from companies worldwide. Our phone directory has grown to include more than million businesses throughout the India States and offers a profile for each business that can provide their phone number, address, map, driving directions, company description, industry and more.

Who we are:

businessbands.com is a worldwide business-to-business yellow pages and B2B directory.

What we do:

1. Allow buyers a quick and easy way to locate local or global businesses that provide products, services and information that satisfy their search needs.
2. Allow sellers multiple and cost effective ways to advertise and generate prominent exposure of their web site to other businesses. Our all inclusive Membership Program advertises and promotes your products, services and information throughout our B2B Directory, local search results and yellow page listings.

How we provide our information:

businessbands.com provides viewers with numerous ways to easily locate a business.

Members B2B Directory: Categorized by industry specific topics, users will find a relevant selection of products and services to fulfill their needs.
Local Search: Looking for sexologist doctors in New Delhi? Our local search quickly shows you a list of local Sexologist Doctors.
Business Directory: A listing of all businesses throughout the India. Select a state to view all businesses within its cities.

Are you affiliated with any major telephone directory or yellow pages publisher?

No. We are an independent and privately owned company. We are not affiliated with any national or Internationally based local, regional or state Yellow Pages directory. Due to the fact that our domain name is considered the most natural for a business-to-business Yellow Pages, viewers may incorrectly associate us with other prominent yellow page companies, telephone directories or phone book publishers.

In addition to our members B2B directory information, our extensive phone directory is supplied by working relationships with content providers. These content providers may access some of their data from a variety of working relationships with other local telephone directory publishers.

How we market and generate traffic to our website:

Businessbands attracts worldwide viewers to its website by participating in a wide variety of programs that generate quality traffic to our website. Our search engine placement program has successfully established businessbands.com with rankings on all the worlds major search engines for many popular search terms such as "B2B", "Yellow Pages" and "Business Directory".

What makes businessbands.com unique:

businessbands.com uniquely connects buyers and sellers by focusing on three primary areas: Relevant local and global search results, a comprehensive B2B member directory and a robust Internet yellow pages taxonomy. The site seamlessly merges these 3 areas with:

a. Content that can be easily navigated and understood.
b. Extensive information, features and services.
c. Memberships that offer unparalleled value.

As a result, our directory enjoys successful worldwide recognition. Its features and technology make businessbands.com a unique site that generates traffic from buyers and sellers focused specifically on their business needs.

Our Vision and Goals:

Options to easily locate a business on the Internet, or stand out among a clutter of other businesses on the Internet will be an ever-increasing challenge. In addition to the large number of big and mid-size companies competing for a web presence in today's environment, small businesses will always continue to add a strong number of new websites - many with large-scale appearances.

Even with well-supported financial and technological resources, the environment for creating web attention is extremely competitive. To tap into the multi trillion-dollar B2B e-commerce marketplace, all businesses need multiple online presences to promote their products, services and information. In addition, all businesses need informative resources that can quickly and easily provide solutions for their needs.

We envision businessbands.com as being a leading resource of product, services and informational solutions for buyers while providing cost-effective advertising solutions for sellers. It is our goal to continually help our clients achieve success in a competitive and growing electronic economy.